Bo Lille

Haiku by Bo Lille - Environmental

A video recorded by TV-Bella 2015.

Bo Lille reading Haiku from his Haiku Collection "Haiku by Bo Lille - Environmental". This video has the great honor of being presented at the Japanese based homepage of World Haiku Association, Tokyo. 

About the book: A highly praised international Haiku collection in Danish and English. Originally written for World Haiku Association's conference in Tokyo 2015. 

Dinh Hanh, head of Hanoi Haiku Circle says : (French)  "Talentueux, veridique et imagé, vous êtes sans aucune doute-un des meilleurs Hạiins du monde. Bravo, digne descendant de l`immortel Andersen!!" 

Haiku by Bo Lille. Anti war haiku - which mark the way from war to peace and love. 

(Ordsnedkeren 2013)

looking for her child 

she tries to drown all fires

in her tears

the white dove
flies over the battlefield
shitting on the war


Bo Lille, M.A., Writer.

Has written 25 books, among these one novel, one rock opera, 9 non-fiction books, one of which the standard work "Haiku Manual". Moreover 6 collections of poems, among which 4 books of haiku, articles, essays, etc.

Bo Lille is the leader of "Underskoven", the second oldest literary forum in Denmark (in Huset i Kbh, Copenhagen).

Bo Lille has established a school for fiction writing (for young people), and he teaches literature and writing all over Scandinavia.

Bo Lille has a series of cultural TV programs (interviews of ½ hour), "Bo's Lille Kulturhjørne", plus a TV-series of Danish lyrics "Poetiske Venner" ("Poetical friends").

Member of the board of Lyric Poets in the Danish Authors' Union (2010-14),

Member of the board of Danish-Swedish Authors' Society (since 2004).

Chairman of the "Det Danske Klopstockselskab af 1984", a recognized literary society (1984-2004).